Wee Beans

At first, I started off very conservatively with my goals, and am still in a relatively “wee beans” stage.  My usual daily haul with online earnings from various GPT (“Get Paid To”) sites is around $2-3 a day. Sounds pretty pathetic, doesn’t it?  But if you multiply that by 30 days…now we’re talking.  $60 to $90 extra a month is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you’re earning in the comfort of your own home, per your own schedule, and most likely, not wearing pants!

Keep in mind that depending on the site(s) you use, you won’t always earn enough per month to hit cashout or gift card redemption requirements, but you will be earning towards those goals, and your daily earnings will grow slowly, but surely.  Then if you add in a daily consistent dose of entering sweeps and instant wins, you’ll push your earnings even higher.

I’m often tempted to bite off more than I can chew on certain days when I’m feeling really confident (where I conjure loftier goals for the coming months out of thin air). That’s not to say you can’t dream big or bigger, or that a windfall won’t land at your feet. But those are IFs (and perfect for a wish list). I found it best not to aim too high too fast, set easily obtainable goals in the beginning, and allow myself a lot of flexibility.

The beginning is a great time to get comfortable with which sites work best for you, how much time you can devote per day, and how high or low to set your goals.  You’ll begin to develop an ideal system for yourself while learning the ropes.  Your earnings and savings will speed up naturally once you find your groove.

So start thinking about your goals. Are you going to be saving up for something in particular, or a general emergency fund? Maybe you just want extra money for groceries, eating out, or a new pair of shoes.  Do you want to be able to cover a few bills a month, or treat yourself to something fun? Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one.  You’ll probably have multiple reasons for earning and saving, which is absolutely awesome, because it opens up additional sources of motivation. Why limit yourself?

Now, let’s get you going on earning some wee beans, so you can start growing your beanstalks!

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